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M: “Are you an Interior Decorator?”
W: “No. Why?”
M: “When I saw you enter, the room became beautiful”

M: “Are you religious?”
W: “Yes “
M: “Good, because I’m the answer to your prayers.”

M: “Baby, did you fart, Cause you blow me away…”

M: “How is your fever?”
W: “What Fever?”
M: “Oh.. you just look so hot to me…”

M: “Wow! I didn’t know that angels could fly so low!”


(This is a good one !)

M: “Can I get a picture of you to prove to my friends that angels do really exist.”

M: “Wow! How did you do that???!!!”
W: “Do what?”
M: “Look so good…”

M: “Hey Laura!! (Big Hug), I haven’t seen you FOREVER!!!! (Huge KISS)
Wow, you’ve really have changed!!!
W: “Wait, I’m not Laura..”
M: “What? Oh my god, You even changed your name!!!


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