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Adobe Reader LE v2.5.361 | S60v5

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Adobe Reader, pasti sobat blogger udah nggak asing lagi dong dengan salah satu office tool yang satu ini?? Tool ini biasanya digunakan untuk membuka file yang berformat .Pdf. Ternyata, nggak cuma di komputer aja sob yang bisa menjalankan ebook format .PDF, kini handphone juga sudah bisa loh (symbian 260 v5), tentu dengan bantuan tool Adobe Reader LE v2.5.361 ini. Pokoknya makin canggih aja deh handphone sobat blogger,, hehehe

Improvements in the latest update to Adobe Reader LE 2.5:

  • Now supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages
  • Updates in response to customer feedback
  • Memory usage improvements allowing larger files to be opened
  • Performance improvements within the reflow logic – allows for smoother scrolling and viewing
  • Tweaks to the UI to make the application easier to use and navigate around.

Features :
  • Reflow View - Allows an alternate view of the PDF document where text is reflowed on the screen to provide a better viewing experience; a reflowed view eliminates left-right scrolling for text-heavy documents.
  • Accurate Rendering - Provides accurate rendering of PDF content, retaining images, complex layouts, and formatting.
  • ZoomView™ - Easy, intuitive navigation that allows for increased legibility of PDF content on small screens.
  • Smooth Shading & Transparencies - Supports transparencies and smooth shading (used for smoother tonal gradation) contained in PDF documents.
  • Page Rotation - Supports rotation of the PDF content (display only) in 90-degree increments, allowing users to maximize the viewing area on a small screen (for example, going from landscape to portrait maximizes the viewing area for some content).
  • Text Search - Supports basic text search in PDF documents.
  • Bookmarks - Navigate documents using embedded bookmarks contained in PDF documents.
  • Encryption - Supports decryption of files encrypted with up to 128-bit encryption that are password protected.
  • Find with advanced find options.
  • Embedded Fonts - Preloaded with 14 fonts.
  • View Document Properties - Ability to view subject, keywords, date created, last modified, file size, author and title.
  • PDF Compliant - Supports the latest PDF 1.7 rendering model and specifications.
NB : Untuk menginstal software ini, Nokia 5800 anda harus sudah di hack. Okeiii

Download Adobe Reader LE v2.5.361Size : 4 Mb

Sumber : http://www.remo-xp.com/2010/04/adobe-reader-le-v25361-s60v5.html

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